land rover discovery 2 warning light meanings

Our Discovery II V8 still has the problem with the SLS & Offroad raise warning lights flashing. Disco 2 Warning Lights. I have researched several places and can't get an answer as to what the problem could be. Some Land Rover warning lights are more urgent than others. The in car dvd player in my 2002 Land Rover Discovery isn't working. Rover Tech Tips; 3 Amigos Warning Light Error; Troubleshooting Warning Light Errors: The "Three Amigos" on Land Rover Discovery Series II Applies To: Discovery Series II | 1999-2002. Discussion in 'Land Rover Discovery' started by Discogirl77, Aug 22, 2017. Thanks, Lenny Answer. Steady warning lights on. You know what to do when the needle nears empty or when the speedometer starts to exceed safe limits. I have a serious intermittent fault. It's the Eco light but it is amber with an arrow through it. Your Land Rover vehicle’s dashboard is a hub of activity, from the gas gauge to the speedometer to the warning light panel. I have a 2000 Disco 2 TD5 Auto ES. Land Rover warning lights, car warning symbols such as engine management light, ABS light, airbag light this guide will help you. When these lights flash the engine’s ignition system is disabled, but the starter motor is enabled to operate. Discovery 2 Flashing Gearbox Warning Lights - Help! Popular Answer. Gassing Station » Land Rover. Should I … Get to know these common Land Rover dashboard warning lights so you’re prepared every time you hit the streets of Phoenix. Also I am getting the warnings in the display screen of: HDC fault system unavailable and suspension lowered. Instrument panel. ... or can even be a quids worth of brake light bulb if one element blows and shorts on the other February 03, 2013. Usually when I see lights they just remind me to keep my eye on the road and not the dash My brother's D2 has these on too, it's a common thing, hence the name "3A Amigos" these lights seem to like each other. It looks sort of like a funnel with fluid in with a … If you need more information on Land Rover Discovery warning light meanings, consider downloading the Land Rover Discovery 3 Workshop Manual or the Land Rover Discovery 4 Workshop Manual. Small Video showing the Dashboard warning lights on the Discovery 2. Also the 'D' in the gear selector is flashing. Hi Charlito I have my SRS light more on than off,I will try your method,in my case Im pretty sure its a low voltage problem,its a 1200m round trip to work.Do anysort of long trip it goes away,BUT hit a big bump it comes on.I need a Rovacom probe to confirm either way. The most important thing to know is that the color of your Range Rover warning lights will clearly indicate the severity of the problem:. I have a red warning light on the dash of my landrover disc. The oil pressure light (shaped like an oil can) is one of these: when it lights up, it’s telling you that your oil pressure is too low, which could cause damage to your engine. I recently bought a Land Rover discovery 2 (1999 model - 75,000 mi. I pull over, stop the car and leave it for a couple of minutes. Common Causes For Land Rover Check Engine Light. It starts to miss intermittently. 2000 Land Rover Discovery / Steady warning lights on. Land Rover Discovery Series 2 - Dashboard Warning Lights - What They I have a TD5 2001 - I had to brake suddenly and hard on the road - as soon as I did the warning lights for Traction control / Hill descent / and abs all came on at once.They will not go out with the ignition on or when the engine is started.I have checked for loose wiring and fuses - there appears to be nothing visable to cause the problem - Please help as I do not want to take it to a LR agent. We have created this dashboard lights meaning guide and will show you how to deal with an engine light, airbag warning light, ABS light and all of the other car warning signs on your Land Rover dashboard. Just after starting, the sport and manual warning lights sometimes flash together and the gearbox feels partially locked up. What is the light in the middle? Hi On a Discovery 2 above the fuel gauge there is a cluster of lights. The right side row starts at the top with the trailer light. 3 replies Report. a few days ago the HSC warning light came on and stays on. My abs brake light, hill decent light, and traction control lights keep coming on intermittently. Fortunately there is an independent Land Rover specialist not to far from me so she was booked in there for a diagnostic session at Autoland.The session was a week away so I had to live with the light and the fact the car handled so differently as the ACE system had gone into a default mode. ... which apparently can cause multiple warnings for a single issue. Thread starter fiorano; Start date Jun 1, 2009; F. fiorano Shifting Up. TC, ABS lighs steady on. The SRS warning light on my 2001 Discovery does not go off after 4 seconds as it should. This LRO reader emailed [email protected] to ask for help with intermittent faults torturing his Land Rover Discovery 2 Automatic Gearbox.. Q. I have a 2000 Td5 Discovery with an intermittent fault affecting the auto gearbox. For U.S. vehicles, these fault codes may be read by switching the ignition switch to position II and observing the fuel injection fault display unit, which is located underneath the right hand front seat, adjacent to the ECM. ). It can be alarming seeing an engine warning appear on your dashboard, especially if … WARNING. On some Land Rover models, the reminder system will track negative miles that indicate that service is overdue. The red lights will display if something need attention soon and flashing red means immediate action is needed. Do not ignore warning messages. Hello, I have a 2002 Disco II with 138K miles. The Discovery gets about 20 miles per gallon (mpg) on the highway and 17 mpg in the city. 2002 landrover discovery2 lights on dash flashing with an s m - Land Rover 2002 Discovery Series II question. The light is amber in color. Exterior lights LIGHTING CONTROL DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS (DRL) HEADLIGHT COURTESY DELAY AUTO HIGH BEAM ASSIST (AHBA) HEADLIGHT CONDENSATION ADAPTIVE FRONT LIGHTING SYSTEM (AFS) Interior lights Has the check engine light turned on in your Land Rover Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, or Range Rover Velar? The other day after when I shifted from reverse to drive the 'M' and 'S' lights on the dash started flashing. Having a problem with a disco 4 warning light. Take appropriate action and, when necessary, seek qualified assistance before driving the vehicle. The two warning lights flash when turning the ignition key to position three (start). It’s important to know what car dashboard warning lights mean because you might be able to avoid a car breakdown or full-on failure.. 2015 Discovery Sport . To learn more about the Land Rover warning lights or to have a vehicle repair taken care of, schedule a service appointment at Autobahn Land Rover Fort Worth in Fort Worth with one of our specially trained technicians. Pull over as soon as you have the chance, in a safe location. Posted March 2, 2011 A mate has phoned me asking about a warning light, he explains it as the symbol thats on the oil reservoir, behind where power steering fluid goes, Does this make sense and what is it and how to sort it, Hi, I'm looking for some help! The bottom light is gearbox temperature warning light (a red gear). Your Land Rover vehicle’s dashboard is a hub of activity, from the gas gauge to the speedometer to the warning light panel. I … Download A Workshop Manual. Battery: If a red battery warning light stays on after your car has been started, it may be a sign that your vehicle’s battery is not charging correctly. Land Rover Discovery . < Previous Thread | Next Thread > Discogirl77 New Member. Was advised by the garage to unscrew the gas cap … Light with a picture of car going down hill with"!". The computer system tracks the engine miles from the time it was reset, and the light will trigger after a certain amount of miles add up. Looking for some help. Evening all, first post so probably indentifiable as a beginner ! 2000 Land Rover Discovery. You know what to do when the needle nears empty or when the speedometer starts to exceed safe limits, but do you know what to do when your Land Rover Discovery dash warning lights light up? Interpreting Your Range Rover Warning Light’s Meaning. Apart from a possible electrical malfunction what is this likely to signify? I have a 2006 Range Rover HSE. The car starts and drives. A common problem seen in Discovery Series II vehicles is series of three warning lights displaying in your dash. Asked by aalarconlee in Bronx, NY on . Contact Us. Land Rover vehicles are not very fuel efficient, and the Land Rover Discovery is no exception. So here's what the different yellow and red warning lights on your dashboard mean, why they come on, how urgent the problem is … A red light indicates an emergency. Land Rover Warning Lights On? Land Rover OBD1 pre-96 READING FAULT CODES (USA only) The Engine Control Module (ECM) is capable of storing fault codes. Yesterday I did 120 miles then I lose my throttle and the M & S gearbox warning lights come on. Jun 1, 2009 #1 Hi More woes Started my Disco 2 and the 'M' & 'S' warning lights were flashing. If negative miles are accumulating on your Land Rover, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible. My wife's discovery sport has the transmission/emission warning light error, after driving 3500km.

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